Forthcoming solo show:

Damien Meade

29 September - 10 November 2018

CAR DRDE Gallery, Bologna, Italy

Preview: Saturday 29 September 6 - 8:30pm

CAR DRDE Gallery is pleased to present the first Italian solo exhibition of Damien Meade (1969, Ireland, lives and works in London). The exhibition includes a group of paintings specifically realized for the gallery but indicative of a practice that has distinguished his work for more than a decade. At the base of each painting there is a clay object previously molded in the studio, sometimes with the addition of other materials that can serve to summarily define the shape.

They are busts, heads, figures not referable to a specific subject, or simple abstracts, two-dimensional, tactile and contrasted surfaces compositions. These clay sculptures that are the model for the painting are never cooked so that every object can become something else: another shape for a new painting. Talking about Meade’s works, also means dwelling on something that no longer exists, or that has ceased to exist before the beginning of the painting: it is only thanks to a series of photo shoots that the object was able to become a referent, that is the subject of the painting.

Therefore every object painted by Meade is a sculpture – an ephemeral life sculpture, interstitial (between one painting and another), but it is also a shape whose material life is extended, through photography, in the painting. Every painting is a still life (for the simple reason that each subject is an inanimate object) but at the same time it is also a portrait, as when we are in front of the rough outlines of a bust, or of a head (and in this case they are portraits without a look, which escape a reciprocal exchange relationship with the observer).

Meade's paintings seem to sum up aspects that are not completely linked to one another and which are genres occasionally contradictory: the coexistence of the different expressions: painting, sculpture and photography; a painting that continues to commemorate the ephemeral materiality of sculpture; classical genres; the figure and the abstraction; and to exist in balance between two materialities – the one of the painting as an object and the one of the thing represented – which attract and refer to each other.. 

A new text by Davide Ferri will accompany the show.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 3 - 7:30pm
or by appointment

via Azzo Gardino 14/a
IT-40122 Bologna
T. +39 051 9925171

opening hours: Wednesday through Saturday 3 - 7.30pm and by appointmentl


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